Autumn Collection

Check out these handpicked items that are perfect for the Autumn season!

Reeves & Reeves

Golden Hare Earrings

£39.95 GBP £29.96 GBP

Reeves and Reeves

Winter Tree Necklace Gold

£49.00 GBP £36.75 GBP

Reeves and Reeves

Winter Tree Earrings Gold

£34.00 GBP £25.50 GBP

Amanda coleman

Simple Peony Pendant

£58.00 GBP £37.70 GBP

Anthony Blakeney

Gold and Diamond Twig Ring

£590.00 GBP £383.50 GBP

Anthony Blakeney

Citrene and Silver Tension Ring

£165.00 GBP £107.25 GBP

Pretty Wild Jewellery

Stardust Labradorite Stacking Rings

£779.00 GBP £506.35 GBP

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Established in 1996, Monkey Puzzle Jewellery is a contemporary jewellery gallery located in the heart of historic York. The stylish shop and relaxed atmosphere make for a perfect shopping and browsing environment. Our range is varied and unique and features the work of a broad spectrum of British artists and designers. 

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What's in a name?
The Monkey Puzzle tree can be traced back to the Jurassic period and is closely link to both Amber and Jet. Baltic Amber is produced from a resin similar to that of the Monkey Puzzle and it is said that the best Jet was formed from extinct varieties of the tree.

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