Bridal Party VIPs: Tips for Choosing Bridesmaid Jewellery

May 18, 2016 Allison Bray

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We’ve blogged before about the wonder and magic of your wedding day… and just how much planning and organisation goes into putting it together! After our post on choosing jewellery for the bride, we thought we’d turn our attention to the rest of the bridal party VIPs: your bridesmaids.
In the UK it’s traditional for brides to give their bridesmaids a thank you gift. Many brides choose to give jewellery. We think this is an excellent choice (obviously…!) as jewellery is a meaningful gift that can also be worn on the day.

Decide whether you want your ‘maids to match or compliment each other

There are no rules that say your bridesmaids all need to be wearing the same jewellery. In fact, it’s only relatively recently that there’s been a trend for bridesmaids to wear totally matching outfits down to hairstyle, handbags and shoes. 
Matching can look great, but so can individual pieces that compliment each other well. You could think about choosing pieces that all fall within the same category such as gold pendants, pearl chokers, or pieces that all feature the same type of gem.

If it’s a gift… keep this in mind!

If you decide to give jewellery as a bridesmaid gift, do make sure you’re choosing something your best girls will treasure! A piece of jewellery that’s not their style and they’re unlikely to want to wear again probably won’t go down as the world’s most thoughtful gift. Instead, try and find some middle ground between the look of your big day and each bridesmaid’s individual style.

Think about personalisation

One instant way to make a piece of jewellery even more special is to personalise it. There are two ways to do this. One: choose a piece of jewellery that represents something about the person you’re giving it to (e.g. a silver rose for your friend Rose or a tiny songbird for your friend who’s a singer). Two: opt for pieces that can be engraved. Bangles are great for this as you can have a heartfelt message engraved on the inside of the bracelet without affecting the look of the outside.

If in doubt, go for classic simplicity

It’s not always straight-forward to select jewellery that will compliment the theme of your wedding, look great with your chosen bridesmaid dresses, work well in photographs and suit the personal tastes of each bridesmaid. If you’re unsure, we recommend going for the classic choice. Simple jewellery is much more likely to stand the test of time in photos and get the thumbs up from a group of ladies with very different tastes.
Are you looking for jewellery for your bridesmaids? We love the Zoe Heart Pendant, the Five Circle Wrap Pendant and this Rose Gold Daisy Pendant.

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