Five Perfect Pieces of Road Trip Bling

May 25, 2016 Allison Bray

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It’s late May, the sun is (sometimes!) shining and we’re diving head first into exciting summer plans. Top of our list at the moment is a chick-flick-worthy road trip that takes in some of the best beauty spots the British Isles have to offer. 
If you’re planning on hitting the road over the coming months, you might be starting to think about what’s going to make it into your suitcase. Most of us try to travel light for trips like these (it makes the packing and unpacking so much easier… not to mention making the most of boot space) so it’s all about curating the perfect capsule wardrobe.
We’ve read some excellent advice on doing this with your clothes, but what about with your jewellery?
Below we’ve put together a list of five excellent pieces of bling that’ll take you from day to night, and seaside to city, all without taking up undue space in your bag.

1. Knot Cuff Bracelet

This simple and sophisticated bangle has added interest thanks to the knot in the middle! It’s cute enough to dress up for a night out, but compact enough that it won’t get in the way while you’re driving.

2. Lucia Necklace

The Lucia Necklace is perfect for those of you who really want to up the sparkle on your trip! This classic choker features a single white pearl surrounded by sparkling pyrite beads. Dress it down with a breton top for a walk along the coast or pair it with something more formal for a romantic dinner.

3. Raven Studs

We think these gorgeous bird-inspired earrings go with everything. They’re lightweight, easy to wear and add interest to even the simplest of outfits.

4. Giving Tree Necklace

If you like your jewellery to make a statement, we think you’ll love the Giving Tree Necklace. It’s big enough to pack an intricately-designed punch, but versatile enough to be paired with just about everything in your travel capsule.

5. Daisy Iota Hoop Earrings

Big earring fans might want to dial things back a bit for comfort while on the road. We think the Daisy Iota Hoops are an ideal option. They’re super cute and summery, but are comfy enough to wear all day and all night. 
Want to know what to pair your capsule-friendly jewellery with? We love this post on What to Pack for a Ten Day Road Trip.

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