Why Buy Handmade Jewellery?

June 01, 2016 Allison Bray

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At Monkey Puzzle Jewellery we are big fans of handmade. There’s something incredibly special about a piece of precious jewellery that’s been created by hand. We’re very proud to tell you that many of the beautiful contemporary designer jewellery ranges we stock are handcrafted. 

This includes designers such as Katharine Yelland, Amanda Coleman, Fiona Luing, Norman Eames, Claudia Bradby, Tara Kirkpatrick, Jan Allison, Anthony Blakeney, David Scott-Walker, McMaster & TingleyAngela Learoyd, John Garland Taylor, Collette Waudby, Mirri Damer, Pretty Wild Jewellery and Reeves & Reeves

If you’re not sure why it’s so special to buy handmade jewellery, keep reading. Here are our top three reasons why we think it’s a great choice to make:

You’ll be supporting artists, makers and craftspeople

Handmade is no longer the norm. Though there has been a huge resurgence in recent years, the artists, makers and craftspeople of the world still very much need our support to keep doing what they’re doing! One of the best ways to lend your voice to this support is to invest in some of the gorgeous things they’re creating. 

You’ll enjoy a piece of jewellery that’s beautifully unique

When something is handmade, you can be confident that it is unique. No one else will have one exactly the same: yours will have it’s own form, complete with stunningly lovely flaws! 

You’ll know exactly where your jewellery came from

Many of the things we buy on the high street or online come with slightly dubious back stories. It’s difficult to be confident in exactly where many of these products have originated from, never mind whose hard work has gone into creating them. When you buy a piece of handmade jewellery, you’ll easily be able to trace it straight back to the maker’s studio.

Have we convinced you? If so, we think you’ll adore the many handcrafted pieces we sell. Browse some of the designers we mentioned above or pop into our shop on High Petergate, York for a chat about all things handmade jewellery!

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