Style Rules for Sparkling at Summer Weddings

June 22, 2016 Allison Bray

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There are few better opportunities for those who love to get dressed up than a good summer wedding! It’s an event formal enough for a posh frock, headwear is encouraged, and it’s (generally!) warm enough to skip a coat or jacket. What’s not to love?!
Wedding are also a fantastic time to delve into your jewellery box and pull out something spectacular. A statement piece of jewellery can totally change the look of your outfit - usually for the better! 
Of course, all jewellery looks at it’s best when it’s added intentionally. We think this is especially true at big formal events like weddings: too little jewellery and you may find that your sparkle gets lost in amongst the feathered fascinators. Too much and you may end up feeling like you’ve out-blinged the bride… and not in a good way.
If you want to make sure you sparkle beautifully at this season’s upcoming weddings, here are four style rules to keep in mind.

One: make a plan in advance

The best way to ensure your jewellery game is on form is to give it some thought beforehand. Most of us don’t leave it till the morning of to decide what dress we’re going to wear… so why do that with your jewellery? 

Two: curate a collection

Some people love a matching set of jewellery, others feel it’s not quite their thing. Whichever camp you’re in, when it comes to putting on your jewellery we encourage you to think of yourself as the curator of a jewellery collection. Each individual item doesn’t have to match, but it does need to sit comfortably as part of the collection as a whole.

Three: stick to one statement piece

Statement jewellery can look amazing. Unfortunately, this is one of those times when more of a good thing doesn’t necessarily equal an even better thing! Too many statement pieces worn together is likely to end up looking too try-hard. Avoid this by choosing one statement piece per collection backed up by some beautifully subtle ‘support’ pieces. In other words, if you’re wearing a seriously eye-catching necklace, it’ll likely look best paired with simple stud earrings and a couple of classic bangles. 

Four: consider practicalities

We don’t want to sound like your mum… but sometimes jewellery practicalities are important. This is particularly key for a wedding as you’ll likely be wearing it all day. We think you look your best when you feel your best. To that end, you may want to avoid any jewellery that’s uncomfortable, overly heavy or likely to snag on other parts of your outfit.
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