Gemstone of the Month: Ruby

July 06, 2016 Allison Bray

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The colour of Valentine’s Day roses and Dorothy’s sparkly slippers, rubies are considered to be one of the four most precious gemstones along with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. 
Colour is very important when it comes to these gems: though they can range in shade from medium pink to burgundy, the most valuable rubies are a bold blood-red. 
Rubies have long been considered some of the most valuable of gems. This stretches back to 200BC and beyond where there are records of rubies being transported and traded on China’s North Silk Road. This ties in with the high esteem rubies have always been afforded in Asian countries as they are believed to bring good luck. At one time in India and China, rubies were buried beneath the foundations of new buildings in order to ensure that a strong lasting structure would be built.

Worn best with… 

There’s something very special about a ruby worn with diamonds. We’re also big fans of rubies set in gold as we think the two shades compliment each other beautifully. 

Best suited to… 

Rubies are an attention-grabbing gem well suited for formal events. We like them best in the evening as they glint majestically in artificial light! Perfect for romantic dinners, balls and opening nights: rubies will add a touch of va-va-voom to even the most conservative of outfits.

Famous Rubies… 

The Sunrise Ruby has the honour of being not only the world’s most valuable ruby, but also the most valuable coloured gemstone. Its name comes from the poem Sunrise Ruby written in the 13th century by Sufi poet Rumi. This 25.6ct Burmese ruby has been mounted in a ring by Cartier and is surrounded by two heptagon shaped diamonds. In 2015 it was sold at auction in Switzerland for an unprecedented $30 million.
The Liberty Bell Ruby was mined in East Africa in the 1950s and is believed to be the largest mined ruby in the world. It is 8,500 carats and in 1976 was sculpted into the form of a liberty bell in honour of the US bicentennial celebrations. During this time it was also set with fifty diamonds. Sadly the Liberty Bell Ruby, valued at $2 million, was stolen in a jewellery store heist in 2011 and has not yet been recovered. 

More inspiration… 

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