Spring 2015 Trend Guide: Get 70s Chic with Nature-Inspired Jewellery

March 19, 2015 Allison Bray

The fashion world is currently fixated with all things 70s and jewellery is no exception. The beauty of jewellery trends is that they don’t come and go as quickly so you’ll be wearing this one for seasons to come whilst also perfectly accessorising this season’s look of the moment.

As your local destination for contemporary British jewellery designers in York we’re currently stocking a number of gorgeous pieces to help you do the hippy shake this spring.

Pendants are a great way to add the finishing touch to casual outfits and we’re imagining the ‘star pendant’ by Becky Crow with a flowing maxi dress for the perfect on-trend look. From her ‘Eternity Breathes’ collection and inspired by journeys and adventures, it doesn’t get more bohemian than this.

For a more subtle, yet still stylish, option try our current range of Daisy jewellery. We love the studs which come in a range of sizes from 5mm to 12mm and are easy to wear for some flower power every day.

There’s nothing more beautiful than nature itself and the 70s trend gives us a great excuse to wear all our favourite nature-inspired rings. Currently on our wish list is the ‘gold and diamond twig ring’ by Anthony Blakeney jewellery, the ‘silver leaf ring with diamond’ by Jacks Turner jewellery and the ‘silver and amethyst crescent cornerstone ring’ by Paul Spurgeon jewellery.

Style tip: adorn as many rings as possible and stack them on top of each other to really get the look right.

Not only do stones add a touch of colour to your retro outfit, they’re also full of meanings which channel the ‘one love’ spirit. The ‘three colour amber’ bracelet is said to give an unusual light energy that is both calming and energising at the same time to help you have clarity of thought, while the ‘turquoise cuff bracelet’ by Reeves and Reeves will open up honest and clear communication from the heart. Above all though, they’re beautiful statement pieces!

From flora and fauna to stars and stones, take your fashion notes from nature this spring for a timeless trend that’s having a big moment right now.

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