Finding the Perfect Contemporary Engagement Ring

May 06, 2015 Allison Bray

At Monkey Puzzle, our collection of rings from contemporary jewellery designers offers some wonderful alternatives to classic and traditional engagement rings. If you want to make your proposal a little different and extra special, consider these three suggestions for choosing an alternative engagement ring.

A contemporary twist on classic diamonds
Diamonds are one of the most popular stones for engagement rings, but for those who know their partner will want something a little more unique, the classic big stone in a silver band simply won't cut it. We love Anthony Blakeney jewellery and think his unusual diamond rings are perfect for your big proposal.

His 9 carat Gold and Diamond Twig Ring has a gorgeous textured surface and subtle sparkle from a 0.15 carat diamond. This is the ideal ring for those who are in touch with nature; it has a delicate, whimsical vibe that brings about thoughts of woodland fairies and nymphs.

Gorgeous gemstones with hidden meanings

For centuries gemstones have been associated with special meanings, which make them a perfect alternative to diamonds as they can help you to create an important message during your proposal. Garnet symbolises commitment and devotion, ruby suggests fire, love and happiness, and sapphire represents joy, peace and the fulfilment of dreams. Jacks Turner's beautiful Cup Silver and Sapphire Engagement Ring is set with 3 gorgeous green sapphires. This ring makes for a colourful alternative to a simple diamond ring and has extra special meaning.

A modern take on the true lovers knot

Knots are a symbol of love because they demonstrate the way in which lovers bind themselves together in marriage, in order to spend the rest of their lives together. Knotted rings are far simpler and a little less extravagant than many engagement rings, but they look incredibly elegant. The Silver Wire Wrap Ring with Diamonds from Tara Kirkpatrick is a brilliant modern take on the knot ring. It is created by tightly wrapping sterling silver wire in order to give the appearance of tightly wound rope. Three diamonds add a little special sparkle and are another contemporary twist on the modern diamond engagement ring trend.

Planning a proposal? For all these rings, and more, take a look at our collection!

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