4 Tips for Keeping Your Contemporary Jewellery Organised

May 14, 2015 Allison Bray

At Monkey Puzzle Jewellery, we like to make sure our customers know how to care for their jewellery. A while back, we posted an article about jewellery maintenance, and this week we're giving you four tips for making sure your contemporary jewellery stays organised!

1. Keep everyday items within easy reach
This is the first and most important step in organising your box of contemporary jewellery. As well as ensuring it stays in good condition, the main idea behind organising your jewellery is to make things easy for yourself, so put the necklaces, rings, bangles, and earrings that you wear on a day to day basis at the top of your jewellery box or organiser, or somewhere where they can be easily reached.

2. Separate your necklaces


Necklaces are notoriously difficult to keep organised, as they are prone to becoming tangled and knotted. In order to avoid this, try separating your necklaces from each other, so that there's no chance they can get tangled. You also might want to try hanging your necklaces instead of storing them in a box, as this reduces the chances of them becoming knotted.

3. Pair your earrings
This is an essential part of keeping everything organised and making sure you look after your jewellery. Wanting to wear a pair of earrings and then only finding one of them is a terrible start to any day or evening out, and storing them in pairs is a great way to make sure this doesn't happen to you. Also, if you've found one earring and are looking for the other, the likelihood is that you're going to make more mess by rifling through your jewellery box, so pair them up and stay organised.

4. Be strict with yourself
The only way that you're going to keep your contemporary jewellery organised is if you're strict with yourself. Try to tidy or reorganise your jewellery as often as possible, as this way you'll avoid it becoming a real mess; and once you've got it tidy, make sure you keep it that way by putting everything back in its right place and not letting your standards slip!

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