Choosing a Wedding Ring for Men: Some Tips

July 08, 2015 Allison Bray

For millennia, the wedding ring has been an icon of love and commitment. In Ancient Egypt, it was the symbol of eternity, and the Greeks believed the vein in the ring finger led straight to the heart.

So, since the earliest times, men have given their brides rings. However, wedding bands worn by men are also an important symbol; during the World Wars, for example, they were a potent reminder to soldiers of what was waiting for them back home.

Today, whether the groom is selecting his own jewellery or his bride-to-be is making the choice, a number of things have to be taken into account:

Consider the lifestyle

Are his hobbies (especially sports) likely to be tough on the jewellery? If so, will he want to keep the wedding band on all the time? If he’s reluctant to take it off, think durability. A lower carat gold tends to be more durable and therefore more practical than a higher carat one. Platinum is extremely hard-wearing so it is often the best choice if the wearer does manual work or plays sports; the platinum version of this sleek ring would be ideal for this kind of groom.

Showcase the groom’s personality

Try and come up with a piece of jewellery that sums up who he is. Traditional? Extravagant? Or bold? In the latter case, you could choose a ring that has an edgy design and isn't just a simple band, such as this unique ring (available in either white gold or platinum). If you’re adding colours, think about what these signify. Red is exciting and potentially dangerous, for example. For the more reserved character, perhaps a tasteful, minimalist ring would be best. For the tech-savvy, modern man, you could even think about tungsten.

Remember, whatever you choose also has to look good with the bride’s ring; although that doesn’t mean the two pieces have to match perfectly.

Think about whether anything would be important to the groom in terms of his culture or religion. For the Irish, for example, Claddagh rings with Celtic script can be very meaningful. Every culture has its own symbols. Finally, any ring will need to be professionally sized.

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