Alternatives to the Diamond Engagement Ring

July 21, 2015 Allison Bray


The icing on the (future) cake when getting engaged is usually the fact that a sparkly diamond ring is placed on your finger by the one you love most. For many, no engagement is complete without that gem to top it all, but for some, this is the last thing they want.

In a modern world it’s little wonder that brides and grooms alike are ditching traditional ideas and adopting wonderfully alternatives ones that are just as good!

The issues surrounding diamonds

We’re all familiar with the ethical concerns behind some diamond rings, and there are also environmental issues surrounding how diamonds are sourced that can affect the decision of many brides and grooms. Thankfully, because of UN regulations in developed countries, the risk of buying unethically sourced jewellery is now low; although this is the case, many still prefer other gems to the diamond.

The high cost

Of course, buying a diamond is a huge investment that many understandably don’t wish, or are unable, to make. Buying vintage or vintage inspired jewellery is a great way to lower the cost when thinking of shopping for engagement rings.

There are also cheaper gems and stones that are just as beautiful as a diamond that have recently surged in popularity, including amber, aquamarine, amethyst, onyx, moonstone and morganite. Simple sterling silver rings are also being favoured over the diamond mainly for their beautiful rustic-like quality.

Personal style

Naturally, many simply are not fans of extravagant jewellery and this is where a simple sterling silver ring, a small stone such as amber or even a graphite black ring may be perfect; a small but alluring piece of jewellery serves well as a perfectly sentimental symbol of commitment.

For alternative contemporary jewellery styles including amber, black graphite and sterling silver in York, we have a unique and varied range at Monkey Puzzle Jewellery guaranteed to suit every taste.

The choices are endless when choosing an alternative engagement ring. 

Take a look at our brilliant David Scott-Walker range; nothing says more alternative than a Blue John or onyx ring, or why not check out our gorgeous Silver and Peridot, Graphite Black and 'Knot in Love' rings for spectacularly unique engagement rings that just spell: I love you.

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