How to Wear Multiple Bracelets

August 03, 2015 Allison Bray


Contemporary jewellery is all about making a statement, and wearing multiple bracelets can help you create a bold and truly unique look. However, if you usually only wear one bracelet at a time, donning more than that can be daunting. After all, you have to make sure that all the bracelets work well together or the effect you’re striving for could be undermined! There’s no need to panic, however. It’s easier than you think to choose bracelets that look amazing when worn simultaneously.

There are three basic types of bracelet that you should consider; bangles, beaded bracelets and chain bracelets. The good news is that you don’t have to use only one type. Each type of bracelet can be paired with other varieties, provided they all have a unifying factor.

This unifying factor will vary depending on what kind of aesthetic you’re trying to create. For example, you could choose to use a particular colour scheme to tie your different bracelets together. Earthy colours such as umber and olive will usually go well with each other, regardless of what types of bracelet you use, as will jewel-tones or bright, candy hues. Provided you keep your colour scheme consistent, you can pair any type of bracelet with any other type of bracelet! If you need inspiration, you could combine our amber and silver bangle with our similarly-coloured beaded yellow amber bracelet.

Alternatively, you could use material as a unifying factor. Generally speaking, bracelets made from the same or similar metals will always look great together. For example, our chain-style lacewing silver bracelet would go well with our set of four silver bangles.

Finally, the design or style of the bracelets can also be used to harmonise them when worn together. For example, you could choose a selection of very minimalist bracelets that are unified by their simplicity and lack of ostentation. If you prefer, however, you could don bracelets that all feature a particular elaborate design or signature style. A good way of finding bracelets with a similar style is to look for bracelets by the same designer. For example, Becky Crow is one of our most distinctive designers. Any two bracelets by her would look wonderful together!

If you haven’t attempted to wear multiple bracelets before, you should consider limiting yourself to no more than five items at a time to begin with. This will give you the chance to experiment with combinations, without having to coordinate too much jewellery at once.

However, with a little practice, you’ll find that it’s easy to wear as many bracelets as you want! You simply have to choose items that share a common factor that allows them to complement each other. Here at Monkey Puzzle Jewellery, we offer a huge range of British contemporary jewellery, including a varied selection of bracelets. You’re certain to find items you can combine in our collections!

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