Why Silver Will Never Go out of Fashion

August 19, 2015 Allison Bray


Over thousands of years, silversmiths in Britain have worked gently and slowly to painstakingly create useful objects from silver. From jugs and candlesticks to coins and cutlery, everyday items of silver could be found in homes up and down Britain as practical, if not somewhat ornate, household items. Since then, silver has taken on many other uses and is now widely used around the world including in solar panels and even wound dressings. However, it will always be renowned for its ability to create beautiful, shining jewellery.

Silver in Britain today

You only have to look at the unique and distinctive jewellery designs coming out of our young designers in universities up and down the country to see that something special is happening in Britain’s jewellery industry. The legacy of silversmiths in Britain is plain to see through their work. A wealth of new talent is emerging with a fresh new take on what it is to be a silversmith and what it is to create beautiful pieces of jewellery for customers who want something unique. There’s a new breed of silversmiths who no longer make suits of armour or candlesticks, but craft beautiful silver rings, necklaces and earrings instead.

Silver Jewellery in York

Here at Monkey Puzzle Jewellery in York, we work with talented British jewellery designers to create distinctive pieces to be proud of. Home-grown designers such as Tara Kirkpatrick, Gina Frost and Collette Waudby to name but a few, all bring the simplicity of silver to life with intricate, delicate and contemporary pieces of wearable jewellery.

Monkey Puzzle Jewellery champions home-grown talent. Simply put, we love silver and we see it as our duty to bring talent out from behind the world famous workbenches of the jewellery quarter in Birmingham.

By making silver jewellery accessible right here in the heart of York, the British silver industry will continue to be as dynamic and creative as it always has been. As the silver industry evolves and grows, Monkey Puzzle Jewellery will support the artistry of young talented silversmiths all around Britain. You see silver isn’t something for the history books; its contemporary, its here and it’s now.

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