Find Your New Favourite Bracelet

August 26, 2015 Allison Bray

For lots of women, bracelets are a bit hit and miss - they're a pretty and delicate way to up the style credentials of any outfit, but for people who like to get stuck into things they can often get in the way. In other words, they're impractical.

Luckily there's a bracelet style out there for everyone, whether it means finding something chunky and funky to match your style or a practical option that won't get in the way while you're typing or washing up. Contemporary jewellery offers such a wide selection of designs, from designers with all sorts of aesthetics, that you're sure to find something right up your street.

If your personal sartorial style is a bit bohemian and hippy then you'll probably already own some jangly bangles that you can mix and match to create a look as cool and funky as you.

Reeves & Reeves jewellery offer a silver Double 2 Texture bangle which is a beautifully simple option that you can wear on its own, to rock a minimalist look in the evening, or stack up with other bangles, for a fun and arty look during the daytime.

Chunky bracelets
No-nonsense people will love wearing Jan Allison jewellery, and the Grey Dendritic Agate Bracelet is a nice low-key option for anyone with an natural aversion to wristwear.

There's nothing to dangle, leaving your hands free and the subdued colours make it a nice way to add subtle interest to an outfit.

Charm bracelets
If you're all about pretty things and don't mind dangling charms you'll love the Vintage 5 Daisy Bracelet from Daisy Jewellery.

It's fun and girly, while the sterling silver daisies add a touch of class to your wrists. Delicate enough for evening wear or fun with jeans and a T-shirt, it's the ultimate in versatile contemporary jewellery.

Monkey Puzzle is a contemporary jewellery gallery located in the heart of historic York. Pop in and see us to browse our selection of new and established British contemporary jewellery designers.

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