Fight the Winter Blues with Contemporary Jewellery

September 01, 2015 Allison Bray

As the summer draws to a close, we all collectively groan – is it really over? We’ve loved the long evenings and warm days, we’ve taken our two weeks in the sun (because the sun is never too reliable in these parts) and now all we’re looking towards is the harsh chill of winter.

But this year, instead of trying to look the other way, wishing we still had palm tree earrings dangling by our faces, why not embrace the cold and all that's beautiful in a Great British winter? It’s the best time to see the festive robin, the skies are clear and full of colour, and you can finally wrap up warm in knitted jumpers by the fire.

And let's not forget your accessories! One of the most striking things about the unique, contemporary jewellery being handcrafted for Monkey Puzzle Jewellery is the abundance of nature you’ll find, straight from the hedgerows to your wrist! Here are three of our best winter jewellery offerings.

1. Stag and Fern Necklace by Amanda Coleman Jewellery

It’s hard to find a more majestic British winter scene than stumbling across a stag in the forest. This delicate necklace is the perfect, glittering homage, complete with gold plated fern and an iolite bead.

2. Fox Pin by Becky Crow Jewellery

The great British fox has gained itself a rather troublesome reputation in recent years… but there’s no denying their agile beauty. Show our foxes some love with this sterling silver fox, oxidised on his face, tail and feet for that beautiful colour.

3. Niobium Stud Earrings by Janet Moran Jewellery

In winter, everything seems bleak and dark – or failing that, covered in white. One exception is the hardy British pansy, which blooms even in winter. For a flash of colour, these earrings are a fantastic choice.

If the thought of winter really is too much, we suggest to you this little honey pot: the Honey Pot Necklace by Reeves & Reeves Jewellery. This sweet necklace will sit near your heart and remind you of all things summery, even in the dead of winter!

So there you have it - Great British nature brought to you by Great British craftsmen at Monkey Puzzle Jewellery in York for this autumn/winter season.

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