How to Secretly Find Her Ring Size

September 09, 2015 Allison Bray

Jewellery makes a thoughtful, classic, and timeless gift, whether it’s for a best friend, a bridesmaid, a boss or your beloved. Giving contemporary jewellery shows that you care enough to choose something they’ll really like and can wear every day - and surprising them with your gift-choosing skills will earn you extra brownie points! Picking a necklace, bracelet or earrings is no difficult task, but one of the most popular gifts for lucky ladies is a ring, something that can be worn every day. If you’re looking to buy a special someone some fancy finger décor, read on for our comprehensive how-to on finding someone’s ring size without them knowing.

Raid their jewellery box

The simplest way to pick out a sparkler is to sneakily borrow a ring they already own and measure it up using a sizing chart that can be printed off or used online. Make sure you pick one they wear on the appropriate finger for the gift you’re buying!

Stealth mode

If you’re lucky enough to catch the recipient during nap time, delicately wrap a strip of paper around their finger and mark where the two ends meet, then compare this to a sizing chart.

Fake it

To throw her off the scent, pretend you’re buying a ring for somebody else - for example a sister, friend, partner, mother, or employee. Ask her to try the ring on to get an idea of how it might look with the right complexion, and then subtly ask the shopkeeper to note the size for you. Once you’ve obtained the size, you can shop anywhere and not have to worry!

Employ some extra help

Additional hands can be very useful when it comes to planning a surprise, and if you don’t feel confident in obtaining her ring size, seek help from those nearest and dearest. A great way to find out quickly and subtly is getting the recipient to try on their friend or mother’s rings, which is standard practice for ladies nattering over tea and cake!

We have a wide range of beautiful, delicately crafted fine jewellery that makes a gorgeous gift for somebody you care about. If you’d like help choosing the right style or with sizing, give us a call today on 01904653443.

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