One Piece Three Ways: Daisy Pendant

September 30, 2015 Allison Bray

The great thing about jewellery is that you wear it rather than the other way round. The pieces you choose can be styled in a way that compliments your look, whether you’re aiming to channel Beyonce, Kate Moss or Coco Chanel. Remember: it’s all about what you wear it with!

We want to showcase just how versatile our British contemporary jewellery can be. To do this we’ve put together three very different looks to showcase this fun daisy pendant by designer Daisy. These pretty studs have a lot of personality and always get a smile from our customers. 

Look one: monochromatic drama

Monochromatic Drama
This one is for you if you favour classic style. The Daisy Pendant will add a touch of quirkiness to even the most sophisticated outfits. The Daisy Pendant will bring a bit of colour into an otherwise monochromatic look.


Look two: ditsy florals

Monochromatic Drama by katieeam featuring a mini dress
Ditsy Florals


If you love fun prints, you’ll really enjoy wearing this cute pendant. We think they pair particularly well with florals (it’s sticking to a theme, after all!) but they look just as great with geometrics or novelty prints. Keep the focus on the florals by choosing a print in spring tonal shades of yellow or blue. 

Look three: bold colour blocks

Ditsy Florals by katieeam featuring satchel handbags
Bold Colour Blocks
Bold Colour Blocks by katieeam featuring cuff shirts

Those of you who like to be noticed will adore our third look! The colour block trend has become a firm favourite in the fashion world and we just love the way it looks with our more colourful jewellery.

We’ve opted for co-ordinating colours here, but you could go for an even bolder look with clashing reds and greens. And if you’re really in the mood to stand out, you could complete the look with a Daisy Pendant.


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