How to Wear Stackable Rings

October 14, 2015 Allison Bray

Layering has long been a fashion trend loved by sophisticates. In recent times the look has been developing: it’s no longer just for clothing, it’s now for jewellery too. This season the layered look has made it to our fingertips in a big way.
Ring layering is by no means a new concept. Those of us who wear a traditional engagement and wedding ring set will be well aware of what it’s like to wear more than one ring on a finger. The difference between this and the newer stackable ring trend is that there are no rules: ring stacks can be worn on any finger in any number.
It’s often said that less is more in jewellery and it can be tricky to wear stackable rings without looking like a child who’s been let loose in mum’s jewellery box! Luckily, we’re here to help. 
Here’s our advice on how to wear stackable rings and still look elegant.
Think cohesive, not matching
For best results you’ll want your rings to go together without being matchy-matchy. Variety can really make this look, so you’ll want to bring in diversity. Make this work by choosing rings that share one common element: either rings that are all in one metal, are all the same width or are all the same style. Once you’ve done this, play about with the other elements to create a fun look.
Go dainty
We think the most sophisticated way to carry off the stacked look is to err on the delicate side. Thin, dainty rings stack together beautifully and will keep your look light and attractive. If you do want to add in some chunkier rings, your stack will look better balanced if you wear them at the bottom. 
Add ‘white space’
In design, the concept of ‘white space’ is used to refer to the empty space around a design element. Empty space is needed to balance out the detail and give the eye time to take it all in. You can use this same principle when it comes to stackable rings. Leaving a few fingers bare will give your ring stacks more space to shine.
Have we inspired you to give this look a go? Our contemporary jewellery collections are filled with rings that are ideal for adding to a stackable collection. Take a look at the Pebble Stack Ring, the Silver Leaf Ring, the Iota Stack Ring and this Silver and Gold Ring with Sapphire.



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