Gemstone of the Month: Topaz

November 04, 2015 Allison Bray

Photo by Mauro Cateb
Topaz is a precious gemstone that comes in many different hues. Pure Topaz gems are colourless: it’s impurities in the gem that gives them their many different shades. Like us humans, it’s their imperfections that make them beautiful!
When we think of Topaz we typically think of Blue Topaz. These gems are a gorgeous pale blue shade; the exact colour of the mediterranean sea on a bright summer day. Yellow Topaz is also very popular. These gems are known as Imperial Topaz and often have a rich golden honey shade. 
Much of the Topaz in our jewellery comes from Siberia, Brazil and America, but the stone does occur naturally in the British Isles. It’s been found in Cornwall, Lundy Island, Arran and the Scottish Highlands. One of the best places to find Topaz naturally in the UK is Ben-a-bourd in the Caingorms. 
Mystics believe that Topaz has a cooling effect and can dispel sadness, anger and nightmares. They’re also believed to make men handsome and women happy! Sign us up…

Worn best with… 

Blue and yellow Topaz jewellery looks its best when paired with complementary colours. We’d recommend pairing blue Topaz pieces with cooler tones and yellow Topaz with warm ones. 

These are versatile gems that work with both casual and formal wear, so they’re an excellent choice whether you’re going to a black tie event or even just to work. 

Best suited to… 

Topaz looks beautiful in earrings, necklaces, rings and brooches. It makes impressive jewellery in a range of enchanting colours. We think it looks stunning in statement rings, but we wouldn’t turn our nose up at delicate drop earrings and pendants either!

Famous Topaz gems… 

The biggest Topaz in the world is known as the Maxwell-Stuart Topaz. It was brought to the UK in the 1870s as part of a lot from Sri Lanka and was then sold at auction for the tiny sum of three pounds and ten shillings! After closer examination, the gem’s new owner decided to have the stone cut in brilliant form. After a full twenty eight days work a fine stone emerged that weighed more than 368 carats.

More inspiration…

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