Adding Sparkle to Your Party Look

November 25, 2015 Allison Bray

Photo by Kathrin Thuy
This December, many of us will be lucky enough to be invited to a wonderful array of festive events. There’ll be Christmas parties, mulled wine evenings, carol concerts, dinner dates and festive drinks. We can’t wait!
If you love getting glammed up at Christmas, you’re not alone. Tis the season to bring out your most elegant outfits and pieces of jewellery! Many of us like to reflect the festivities in our style choices, but we’d like to suggest a tiny bit of caution. Why? Because it’s very easy to overdose on sparkle! Too much and you could end up looking like the victim of a glitter spillage!
So how can you showcase your sparkle without going too far? Our favourite way to do this is to keep our clothes glitter-free and let our jewellery add the magic. 


- Because we love jewellery and want it to play a starring role

- Because jewellery adds sophistication

- Because jewellery adds personality

- Because well-chosen jewellery is a lot more subtle than glitter hair spray or metallic leggings!

- Because the right jewellery and a dash of lipstick can transform a smart daytime look into the perfect party outfit

Does your festive outfit need the perfect sprinkling of sparkle? We’ve got some suggestions that are nothing short of fabulous

How about…

…wearing your heart on your chest with this Winter Heart Pendant by contemporary jewellery designer Norman Eames?

…paying homage to sparkly snowflakes with this Tara Kirkpatrick Sapphire Droplets Pendant?
…choosing the sparkly semi-precious route with this Moonstone Fascinate Necklace from Reeves & Reeves.
…letting these Paul Spurgeon Cradle Silver Polished Drop Earrings take centre stage. 
…thinking like the three wise men and slipping on this sumptuous Gold Crown Ring designed by Mirri Damer. 
…allowing the light to catch your wrists with this Set of Four Hammered Bangles from the Elizabeth Chamberlain collection.
….entering into the spirit of the season with this Reeves & Reeves Rose Gold Shooting Star Necklace.
Happy sparkling, ladies!



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