Gemstone of the Month: Turquoise

December 09, 2015 Allison Bray

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Do you own any turquoise jewellery? If so, you’re part of a tradition that dates back for more than 5,000 years. The Aztecs, the ancient Egyptians and the Persians were all big fans of this stunning blue-green mineral. And who can blame them?!
The unique hue of turquoise is believed to come from the mixture of raw copper and aluminium that make up the gem. The word turquoise was originally nothing to do with the colour: it was derived from the French word turques as the first stones were brought to Europe via Turkey.
Historically, turquoise was believed to be a holy stone that would bring good fortune… although if a stone changed colour while it was being worn it was believed to be a sign of impending doom! Luckily, we now know that it’s not unusual for turquoise to change colour slightly due to a reaction to light, cosmetics, dust or even our skin. No reason to panic!

Worn best with… 

Turquoise is a versatile gem that garners attention wherever it goes! I’s often perceived as a bohemian stone that goes particularly well with boho and hippie-inspired looks. Wear it with a summer maxi dress to enhance it’s ethereal look, or choose a smaller polished piece as a pop of colour against a monochromatic outfit. 

Best suited to… 

Colour lovers who aren’t afraid to stand out!

Famous Turquoise gems… 

Some of the most famous pieces of turquoise are the ones embedded in the golden funeral mask of Tutankhamen. They were probably included thanks to the Egyptian belief that turquoise was a lucky talisman.
More recently, a turquoise and gold ring that once belonged to Jane Austen has made the headlines. The ring was bought at auction for £152,450 by the singer Kelly Clarkson, outbidding the Jane Austen’s House Museum. The museum put in an appeal and as the ring was deemed a national treasure, Ms Clarkson was denied permission to remove it from the country. Thanks to donations from around the world, the museum was able to raise the money to buy the ring back at the price it was sold for and it’s now on public display in Hampshire. 

More inspiration…

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