Inspired Ways to Gift Wrap Jewellery

December 16, 2015 Allison Bray

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We’ve spent the last couple of weeks helping customers in our Monkey Puzzle Jewellery York shop to choose the perfect present for their loved ones. If you’d like a few tips of your own, take a look at our advice on how to choose meaningful jewellery.
But what happens after you’ve decided on the ideal piece of gifted sparkle?! If you’ve invested time and money in a beautiful gift, we bet you’ll want your wrapping to reflect that.
Step away from the gift bags! We’ve curated a selection of inspired way to gift wrap jewellery that are guaranteed to wow your loved ones.

Use pretty paper envelopes

Many delicate pieces of jewellery will be little enough to fit inside an envelope. You could take advantage of this by using a special envelope as your git wrap. Buy one ready made (how about choosing metallic gold for a festive feel?) or make your own out of whatever paper you choose. 

DIY a pillow style gift box

Pillow style gift boxes are made out of card and look delightfully stylish. They’re simple to make yourself and can be done in any size. Why not DIY one in a corresponding colour to the jewellery you plan to put inside? Add a ribbon for a charming finishing touch!

Make a box out of lego

We love this geeky twist on a traditional ring box made from lego bricks! Order one online or dig the lego out of the loft and build your own.

Craft an origami pyramid

Want to make your present look a little different? Here’s an idea: hide it inside a paper pyramid! We bet these will keep even the most committed under-the-tree-sleuthers guessing until the big day.

Hide boxes inside boxes

To really throw your recipient off the scent, why not hide your special gift in several boxes?! Wrapping gift boxes inside gift boxes will disguise the size of your gift… and it can make the unwrapping process a lot of fun. Just make sure the jewellery you choose is thoughtful enough to make all that extra unwrapping seem worth it!

Make a pop up gift card

Give your recipient a happy surprise with a pop up gift card! This tutorial shows you how to make a card with a pop up box hidden inside. It’s perfect for rings, earrings and dainty pendants. 

Wrap it inside a hollow book

Hollow books make excellent hiding places… especially for precious things like jewellery. Why not hollow out a special book to use as a gift box? Extra bonus? Once your jewellery is inside, books are really easy to wrap!


If you still need something to wrap, why not take a look at our Christmas favourites?

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