Gemstone of the Month: Amethyst

February 03, 2016 Allison Bray

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Famous for their gorgeous violet tone, amethysts are a type of quartz. Their unique purple colour is very popular in jewellery and has been lovingly worn ever since Ancient Egyptian times.
What you may not know about amethysts is that the Ancient Greeks believed these stunning gems could prevent drunkeness! In fact, the name amethyst comes from the Greek word amethystos which loosely translates as not drunk. Because of this, the Greeks often drank wine from amethyst cups and goblets in the hope it would save them from intoxication!
Other cultures have had very different beliefs about amethysts. In the Middle Ages, the purple hue of the gem led to it being considered a symbol of royalty. It was often used to decorate English regalia belonging to the aristocracy. Alternatively, Tibetans believed amethyst was sacred to Buddha and it is still used today for carving prayer beads.

Worn best with…

Amethysts are a semi-precious gem perfect for every day wear. They look wonderful paired with other bright tones or are ideal for adding a flash of colour to an otherwise monochromatic look. For a super stylish outfit, we recommend pairing your amethysts with a soft grey sweater.

Best suited to…

Amethyst is a versatile gem that’s well suited to both silver and gold. Interestingly, the type of precious metal amethysts are paired with have a big impact on the appearance of the gem. When paired with silver the purple can look very cool, but when worn with gold it can appear a much warmer hue.

Famous Amethysts…

The Kent Amethysts form part of the crown jewels. The set includes a necklace, earrings, three brooches and a set of hair combs. You may have noticed that something is missing… in fact this is a rare example of a royal jewellery set that doesn’t include a tiara. The Kent Amethysts are sometimes worn at state events by the queen. It was last worn together in public on a state visit to Portugal in 1984.
The Tavistock Amethysts are thought to be some of the most beautiful amethysts of all. The set is owned by an aristocratic British family and was set into a tiara in around 1870. The Marquess of Tavistock Tiara includes the famous amethyst gems as well as stunning diamond leaves.

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