Jewellery Inspiration from... Christina Hendricks

February 24, 2016 Allison Bray

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When we think of Christina Hendricks it’s almost impossible not to picture her as her Mad Men alter-ego Joan Holloway. As both ladies, Hendricks is fiery, flirty and impossibly gorgeous. And we haven’t even mentioned her trademark red hair!

Hendricks hails from Knoxville, Tennessee, though her father was British. Her career has spanned more than twenty years and has included modelling contracts, TV appearances and film roles in addition to six Emmy nominations. In addition to her award-winning acting and impeccable comic timing, Hendricks has become known for her signature style. 

Her look is so iconic that she has been praised for bringing curves back into fashion! It’s also made her the muse of some of the world’s biggest fashion designers. Vivienne Westwood herself selected Hendricks to be the the face of her jewellery collection in 2011, describing her as “the embodiment of beauty.” We’re not sure style praise comes much higher than that!

When it comes to style, Hendricks’ look is always consistent. She is a pro at choosing classic tailored clothing that perfectly flatters her hourglass figure. Her look often has a vintage or retro feel which goes perfectly with her trademark pale skin and ruby red lips. We think the whole package is incredible… and we’re far from the only ones. In 2010 Hendricks was voted the sexiest woman in the world by American women.

Want to get her jewellery look? We recommend choosing sophisticated subtle jewellery that doesn’t take attention away from the real star: you! The Christina Hendricks signature look is to go bare necked in favour of statement earrings. She’s not afraid to go bright: her earrings often feature gorgeous gems in all the colours of the rainbow. This may be a bold look, but it works wonderfully. Try it yourself by pairing some fabulous ear candy with a plunging neckline. Go on, we dare you!

If Ms Hendricks were to honour us with a visit to our High Petergate store in York, we think she’d like what she found. We have a wide range of earrings that would go perfectly with her signature look. 

Want to experiment with statement earrings Hendricks style? We think the lady herself would be thrilled to wear our Cradle Silver Polished Drop Earrings, our Reed Earrings, our Gold Midas Drop Earrings (perhaps in every colour?!), our Turquoise and Gold Cube Earrings, our Amber and Silver Oval Earrings and our Sapphire Droplets Earrings


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