One Piece Three Ways: the Statement Silver Brooch

March 02, 2016 Allison Bray


The brooch is a piece of jewellery with a long and impressive history. They are usually beautiful decorative items, but can serve a practical purpose too. A brooch can be a great way to tie a scarf, fasten a jacket or cardigan or keep a collar in place.

A statement silver brooch is a wonderfully versatile item to have in your jewellery box. It’s perfect for when your outfit needs a certain extra something, especially for those of you who like your jewellery delicate and discrete!

In the market for a brooch like this? We’ve got some fantastic examples. Why not start by taking a look at the Watering Brooch, the Swift Brooch, the Stainless Steel and Rhodium Brooch, the Boy and Shadow Brooch, the Fox Pin or the Hula Brooches.

Once you’ve chosen your statement silver brooch, here are three very different ways to wear it.

Look one: Classic Riviera

Classic Riviera

Classic Riviera by jewellerylover featuring handbags & purses

A silver statement brooch is an elegant addition to any classic riviera style outfit. This is a look that will really showcase your style credentials! Make like the French and pair beautifully cut tailoring with classic accessories. A simple silhouette like this is the ideal background for a bold silver brooch: pin it to the breton top or trench coat collar for guaranteed ooh la la!

Look Two: Date Night Cute


Date Night Cute

Date Night Cute by jewellerylover featuring a blue sleeveless top

Statement brooches are a great way to add personality to any outfit. Here we’ve put together a cute date night look in a solid colour palette. We love the way a brooch on a patterned background instantly adds quirkiness. Pin your brooch to your blouse just below your left collarbone for instant sparkle.

Look Three: Eccentric Sophisticate


Eccentric Sophisticate

Eccentric Sophisticate by jewellerylover featuring leather booties

A statement brooch can be as classic or as unusual as you choose. If your style leans towards the eccentric, a statement brooch or two (why stop at one?!) could really ramp things up. For a sophisticated look, wear your statement brooch pinned to a Peter Pan collar. Why not pair it with retro accessories to encourage a vintage vibe?

Which look would you choose?

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