Jewellery Inspiration from… Beyonce

March 30, 2016 Allison Bray

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Today’s jewellery style icon needs absolutely no introduction. Who better to be inspired by than one of the most famous women in the world? 

Beyonce is a force to be reckoned with. Over a career spanning two decades she has been part of one of the best-selling girl groups of all time, sold more than 118 million records as a solo artist, starred in a handful of successful films, been nominated for a Golden Globe, won 20 Grammy Awards and has been named by TIME magazine as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world… not once but twice.  

On top of all of this, Beyonce is also a well-established style queen. Just why wouldn’t we want to be inspired by her look?!

Personally, what we love about Beyonce’s look is that she manages to walk a tightrope-worthy line between urban, elegant and vintage. Somehow she manages to pull in aspects of these three very different styles and make them all work perfectly in her favour. We’re not sure why we’re surprised. After all, if anyone can do it, it would certainly be her!

When it comes to jewellery, we reckon Beyonce goes by a similar motto as she does with the rest of her life: go big or go home. We’ve seen her wearing gem encrusted hoops, oversized antique-look baubles, gaudy cocktail rings, classic diamonds, ornate chokers and impressive headdresses. 

For those of you who’d like to get the Beyonce look, we think the main takeaway is not to shy away from big bold pieces. Style them up alongside classic or vintage-inspired clothing to make your bling beautifully elegant.

If Queen Bey herself happened to pass by our jewellery shop on High Petergate and popped in for a look, we think she’d be keen to ‘put a ring on it’ from our Anthony Blakeney stacking ring collection (sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves). We also bet she’d be a fan of our range of stunning Cornerstone Creation jewellery.

Looking for more Beyonce-inspired jewellery options? Check out these Dangle Leaf Earrings, our Carnelian and Silver Ring, the Rose Gold Scriptura Hoop Earrings, this Silver Flame Pendant with Black Resin, these Reed Earrings, and our Lacewing Hoops Earrings.





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