Gemstone of the Month: Diamond

April 06, 2016 Allison Bray

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What can we say about diamonds? Diamonds are foreverdiamonds are a girls’ best friend… and, well, if you like it then you shoulda’ put a ring on it.

Diamonds are gloriously lustrous gemstones that also happen to be one of the strongest substances in the world. Their name comes from the Ancient Greek word adámas, meaning unbreakable

Natural diamonds are formed at high temperature and pressure from carbon 140-190km under the earth’s surface. These super precious gems were first discovered in Ancient India along the rivers Penner, Krishna and Godavari. Early uses included religious icons and engraving tools. 

More recently diamonds have been treasured as jewellery. They grew massively in popularity in the 19th century thanks to increased supply, improved cutting and polishing techniques, and some very successful marketing campaigns!

Worn best with… 

One of the great things about diamonds is that they are beautifully versatile. They can be worn both as classic everyday jewellery box staples and as luxury showstoppers for formal occasions. Colourless designs are particularly fantastic in that they enhance and are enhanced by just about every other type of gemstone and precious metal. They’re often paired with more brightly coloured gems such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds. 

Best suited to… 

One of the most popular contemporary uses of diamonds is in engagement rings. They’re very well suited to this as they are more than strong enough to withstand everyday wear and are classic enough to look great with a range of different outfit types. 

Famous Diamonds… 

The Star of Africa is the largest cut diamond in the world. It is set in the Royal Scepter which forms part of the Crown Jewels. Though more than impressive in its own right, the gem was cut from a 3,106 carat diamond crystal known as the Cullion which is the largest ever discovered. Some experts believe the Cullion was part of an even larger crystal, but no real evidence of this has ever been authenticated.

The Koh-i-Noor is an oval cut diamond that dates back to 1304. It is believed to have been owned by a series of Mogul Emperors and may have been set in the infamous Peacock Throne. When the Persian empire broke up, the stone was moved to India where it was later claimed by the East India Company who presented it to Queen Victoria in 1850. It is currently set in the British State Crown and has been worn by Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth II.

More inspiration… 

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