One Piece Three Ways: the Classic Silver Pendant

April 20, 2016 Allison Bray

We’re completely confident when we say that the classic silver pendant will never go out of style. This is a delicate piece that nevertheless manages to pack a real punch in the style stakes.

The true beauty of a silver pendant is that it adds a subtle je ne sais quois to just about any look. They can be worn at the weekend, at the office, at school and even at formal events. In addition to their impressive versatility, we also love that they are a great way to showcase passions, interests and sentiments. Choose a pendant to reflect your hobbies, the occasion or even your feelings for the person you’re buying for. 

Looking for inspiration? We’ve got some beautiful classic silver pendants that you may find hard to resist. Take a look at the Peony Pendant, the Double Leaf Silver Pendant, the Droplet Pendant, the Moon and Cloud Pendant, the Bud Pendant, the Zoe Heart Pendant, the To Die For Pendant, the Single Bunny with Amazonite Pendant, the Egg Locket Pendant and the Eclipse Silver Pendant.


Look One: Blue Jeans Casual

Blue Jeans Casual

Blue Jeans Casual by jewellerylover featuring crossbody handbags

You may spend most of the weekend in casual attire… but who's to say that you’re outfit can’t still be totally en pointe? Pair your skinnies, classic tee and ballet pumps with a flash of a gorgeous silver pendant for perfectly dressed-down sophistication.  


Look Two: Pencil-skirted Professional

Pencil-skirted Professional

Pencil-skirted Professional by jewellerylover featuring Alexander McQueen

Even super important professionals want to wear a bit of bling sometimes! Add office-appropriate sparkle to your typical work uniform with your choice of classic pendant. This can also be a great way to work in a bit of a reminder about what you love doing outside of the 9-5. Whether you’re into gardening, extreme supports or spending time with four-legged friends, we bet you can find a classic pendant to fit the bill. 


Look Three: Subtle Siren

Subtle Siren

Subtle Siren by jewellerylover featuring evening bags

Sometimes the best option for formal jewellery is to keep it simple. This is definitely true when you’ve chosen a dress that needs to take centre stage. A delicate pendant is an excellent choice when you’re wearing a dress with a bold neckline or a lot of embellishments but don’t want to go completely bare-necked. 

Go on, tell us: which look is speaking to you?

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