A Helpful Guide to Holiday Jewellery

July 27, 2016 Allison Bray

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It’s prime summer holiday time and many of you will be preparing to pack your bags and set off for a week or two of well-deserved travel and relaxation. If this is the case for you, enjoy! We hope you  have an amazing time.

Successful holiday packing can feel like a balancing act. Curating the perfect capsule wardrobe that…

a) Is stylish

b) Is practical

c) Meets every possible need, and,

d) Weighs in under your baggage allowance

…can be seriously tricky!

The best way to get the most from even the most minimalist capsule wardrobe is to choose your accessories carefully. Jewellery is the perfect option here as it’s usually fairly lightweight, easy to transport, and can turn even the most basic outfit into something gorgeous.

Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing jewellery to take on holiday with you. Here are our top tips.

Versatile pieces are your friend

As with all the pieces of a good capsule wardrobe, each item of jewellery you take with you should be prepared to do double or even triple duty. You may find this easier to achieve if you choose more versatile pieces that aren’t limited to looking good with only one particular style or colour palette. We think Pretty Wild Jewellery’s Silver Twig Letter Necklaces are a great example of this. 

Take durable, less intricate pieces

You’ll probably want to think about the kind of holiday you’re taking and match your jewellery accordingly. For example: delicate pieces of jewellery generally don’t mix well with beach or camping holidays, or with trips that involve a lot of packing and repacking suitcases. Instead, something simple but chic such as these Claudia Bradby Silver Pearl Audrey Stud Earrings will be a much better fit. 

Beware of travel insurance small print

Want to take some of your most fabulous jewellery on your trip? We can’t blame you for wanting to show it off! Just make sure you check the small print of your travel insurance policy so you know what’s covered and what isn’t.

Pack your jewellery carefully

Jewellery is precious and should be packed accordingly! Pack yours in a dedicated box, pouch or bag that provides ample protection from everything else in your suitcase. If you have particularly special or sentimental pieces with you, consider carrying them in your hand luggage so there’s less chance of you being separated. 

Want to know more about travelling with jewellery? We’ve shared some more packing advice here.

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