A Quick Guide to Cleaning Your Jewellery

September 28, 2016 Allison Bray

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If you’d like your jewellery to continue to sparkle wear after wear, you’ll need to give it a little TLC every now and again. Cleaning your jewellery is fairly easy to do, and doing it regularly will keep the contents of your jewellery box looking it’s best.

Most jewellery can be cleaned quickly and safely with things you’ll already have in the kitchen. 

Step one: Start with a bowl of warm water, a few squirts of washing up liquid and a soft cloth. 

Step two: Rub your jewellery gently with the cloth and soapy water, paying particular attention to any areas with marks or tarnishes. It’s not usually a good idea to soak jewellery, as leaving metal in water can cause tarnishing or rusting.

Step three: Once you’re done, rinse your jewellery thoroughly in cold water, then buff with a dry cloth till it shines.

Sound easy? We told you! 

This method will do the trick for most pieces of jewellery. If you have particularly tarnished, dirty or specialist pieces, you may need to add in a few extra steps.

Heavily tarnished silver

If you have heavily tarnished silver jewellery, you may want to supplement the above method with some silver cleaner. This can be bought ready made, or you can make your own. Some people swear on using baking soda (mix three parts baking soda to one part water to make a thick paste). 

Gems and settings

Dust and dirt can gather in jewellery, especially around gems and in the crevices of intricate settings. One of the most effective ways to get into these nooks and crannies and clean them out is to use a soft toothbrush. Toothbrushes designed for babies do this job well. Make sure you’re gentle: especially with very delicate pieces. 


Pearls are incredibly porous and can start to lose their lustre after a lot of wear. Luckily, a bit of attention can solve this problem and bring back their shine! A clean make up brush dipped in shampoo and water is an excellent tool for cleaning pearls. Once you’re done, use a clean damp cloth to rinse them thoroughly. 

Are you off to clean out your jewellery box? If so, make sure you read our tips on how to properly store your jewellery.

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