Five Pieces of Jewellery for Autumn

September 19, 2018 Allison Bray

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It’s hard to say goodbye to summer, especially after such a blissfully warm one! Luckily, the beautiful colours of autumn are a great consolation. And if that isn’t enough of a pull for you… just think of all the autumn fashions.

Over the coming month watch out for us in trench coats and autumn boots in the leaf-strewn streets around the Monkey Puzzle Jewellery shop in York. We’ll be enjoying the chance to accessorise with scarves, hats and deep jewel tones. And we haven’t even mentioned the jewellery yet!

We have some gorgeous pieces that are just made for this time of year. Whether you’re a big autumn fan, or whether you just need to cheer yourself up about the summer coming to an end, here are five pieces of jewellery we think you’ll love.

1. Two Skies Silver Acorn Earrings

These beautiful acorn earrings are made from real acorns. Each acorn is preserved in silver plating, and each pair is completely unique. We think they’re the perfect way to show your love for the coming season and to take a precious reminder of nature with you wherever you go. 

2. Becky Crow Tree Dome Earrings

These quirky stud earrings each feature a tree with an impressive golden spray of leaves. The colours make us think of autumn in all it’s glory. They’re a gorgeous reminder of the changing seasons. 

3. Two Skies Large Silver Plated Oak Leaf

Just like the acorns above, this oak leaf pendant was once a real oak leaf. Thanks to the preserving silver plating, each leaf has been made into a unique statement piece. It comes with a 24 inch silver chain to help you keep it close to you heart. 

4. Jan Allison Rhyolite Drop Earrings

Something about these beautiful beaded drop earrings makes us think of conkers! The rich earthy tones of these beads are perfect for the autumn season. 

5. Reeves & Reeves Squirrel Necklace Rose Gold

What kind of autumn jewellery round up would this be without the presence of a cute little critter?! This squirrel pendant is delightfully cute, but subtle enough not to take over your whole look. We love the shiny rose gold finish, and the matching earrings!

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