Five Pieces of Jewellery in Stylish Rose Gold

February 22, 2017 Allison Bray

Trust us when we say that rose gold is having a moment. From the catwalks to the high street to the electronics store, rose gold is the metal to wear right now.
It’s certainly not hard to see why this shade of metal is so popular. There’s something wonderfully warm and cheery about pink-toned gold jewellery. It’s also great from a styling perspective as rose gold pieces layer beautifully with both gold and silver. We also love how it looks with pearls!
If you’re on the lookout for a special rose gold piece to add to your jewellery collection, we have five excellent suggestions below.
Which one is your favourite?

1. Reeves & Reeves Rose Gold Shooting Star Necklace

This flash of shooting stars is made from sterling silver with a rose gold vermeil. It comes with an adjustable silver chain. We think it looks fantastic with the matching shooting star earrings.

2. Claudia Bradbury Valentina Rose Gold Bracelet

Remember when we said we loved the look of rose gold with pearls? This Claudia Bradbury necklace represents this perfectly. This is a gorgeously simple pearl bracelet with a rose gold heart-shaped clasp.

3. Bernd-Wolf Rose Gold, Silver and Hematite Earrings

If you love layering metals, these earrings are the ideal choice. These are handmade in Germany’s Black Forest by master craftsmen Bernd-Wolf. We love the chic but utilitarian combination of rose gold, silver and hematite. 

4. Pretty Wild Jewellery Black and Rose Gold Stacking Rings

These stunning rings (pictured above) are an excellent way to bring a subtle touch of rose gold to your outfit. The set comprises of two onyx rings, one diamond ring and three spacer bands.

5. Collette Waudby Rose Gold Pendant

As a York jewellery shop, we are delighted by Collette Waudby’s viking collection! This delicate rose gold leaf pendant is part of the range.
Want more? We have a delightfully wide selection of rose gold jewellery available for your browsing pleasure! Why not take a look at the full collection

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