Five Pieces of Jewellery to Celebrate Easter

April 12, 2017 Allison Bray

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Here’s some good news for you: the Easter weekend is in sight! Whether you plan to spend the break with friends, family or just on the sofa with a couple of Easter eggs, there are just a few more days to wait.
If you’re looking for a fun seasonally themed gift for a friend or family member, search no further. Below we’ve shared five pieces of jewellery we think are perfect for Easter celebrations. 

1. Carrie Elspeth Luxe Rainbow Links Necklace

Spring has sprung and beautiful colours are popping up in nature all around us. Why not get into the swing of things with Carrie Elspeth’s beautifully bright rainbow collection? We think this bold but sophisticated rainbow links necklace would be a very welcome gift!

2. Tara Kirkpatrick Yellow Droplet Earrings

Pay homage to spring daffodils and spring chicks with these delightful yellow droplet earrings from contemporary jewellery designer Tara Kirkpatrick. 

3. Reeves & Reeves Chicken and Egg Earrings

We may not be able to settle the age old debate about which one came first… but we do know that these quirky chicken and egg earrings are loved by kitsch jewellery aficionados! These earrings are seasonal enough to feel Easter themed, but not so seasonal that they can’t be worn all year round. 

4. Amanda Coleman Single Bunny Pendant

What could be a cuter springtime gift than a frolicking bunny?! This adorable Amanda Coleman pendant features a bunny and a gemstone flower.

5. Reeves & Reeves Egg Pendant

Make like the Easter Bunny and bring an egg-shaped gift. These Reeves & Reeves egg pendants are a lot more stylish than chocolate and are guaranteed to last longer too! These beautifully tactile pendants come on an extra long chain and are available in silver or rose gold. 
Happy Easter!

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