Five Pieces of Jewellery to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions on Track

January 11, 2017 Allison Bray

January can be a tricky time. Not only are we all dealing with miserable weather, post-festive malaise and flu season… many of us also set ourselves on the path to self improvement. Though this is certainly admirable, self-improvement isn’t always completely enjoyable!

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? Whether you’ve set yourself the challenge of getting fit, eating better, saving more money or doing a dry January, you may now be feeling the effects. 

We think the middle of January is one of the hardest points to maintain your resolve. The novelty of the ‘New Year, New You’ has worn off, but your her routines aren’t yet ingrained enough to become habit. 

If you’re finding it difficult to keep going, why not give yourself a little motivation?! We’ve curated five gorgeous pieces of jewellery that are most definitely worth going to the gym/skipping the dessert/ordering a soft drink for. 

1. Rectangular Jet Earrings

These quirky Amapola earrings are made up of rectangular jet pieces and have a 2cm drop. They’d be the perfect touch of drama to add to your look.

2. Molly Bangle

This classic John Garland Taylor bangle is handmade in silver. It comes in an unusual ‘waltzer’ shape and is 4mm in width. We think this would be a beautiful everyday reminder of how great it felt to reach your goal. 

3. Silver Mavilo Leaf Stud Earrings

These delicate silver earrings are designed in Collette Waudby’s classic signature style. We love the subtle twist… and think they’d be a perfect treat to represent turning over a new leaf!

4. Kiwi Square Pendant

This Norman Eames pendant is handcrafted from resin with an aluminium surround. We love the vibrant mix of green and black, and the fact that no two pendants will ever be exactly alike. 

5. Acorn Pendant

This delightful sterling silver necklace is made by Reeves & Reeves. The silver acorn is beautifully set off by the gold vermeil cup. If you’ve really excelled with your New Year goals, why not treat yourself to the matching earrings too?! 

Whatever you’ve resolved to do better in 2017, we wish you the very best of luck!

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