Five Ways to Wear Brooches

November 14, 2018 Allison Bray

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Brooches are one of the oldest types of jewellery in the world. They’re also one of the most versatile! We love the way the same piece can be worn in so many different ways. This is perfect for matching your outfit… or your mood.
Here are five of our favourite ways to wear brooches.

1. On your coat lapel

A lot of jewellery can get lost once you pile on the winter layers. We love that a brooch can add a much-needed bit of sparkle to the colder months! Brooches are the perfect little something to add to your coat lapel. Choose one complimentary piece to wear on your coat all season, or switch them out each day to match the rest of your look.

2. To hold a scarf in place

A brooch and a scarf can make the perfect team. Once you’ve wrapped your scarf in whichever way comes most naturally to you, use your brooch to fix it in place. This ensemble is a great way to add interest to an otherwise simple outfit. 

3. Pinned to a chunky chain

Can a brooch ever be a necklace? Of course! If you want to wear your brooch as a pendant, you can pull off this look by pinning it through the links of a chunky chain. 

4. On a hat

Here’s another good one for winter sparkle! A brooch can totally change the look of a hat. Try pinning one to the main body of a structured hat for a vintage look. This method can also add a lot of interest to beret style hats.

5. Pinned to your collar

If you want to wear your brooch in a more traditional way but don’t want it to look stuffy or old fashioned, try pinning it to your collar. This is a really contemporary look and is so easy to pull off! 
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