Gemstone of the Month: Alexandrite

August 08, 2018 Allison Bray

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Have you ever seen a colour-changing gem?! Alexandrite is a magical variety of chrysoberyl which appears to be a different colour depending on the kind of light it’s in. It usually appears as green in natural sunlight and red by lamplight. This gem is described by many gem experts as being like an emerald by day, and a ruby by night. 
Alexandrite was first discovered in Russia in 1830, and was named in honour of Czar Alexander II, who at that point hadn't yet been made king. Varieties of this magical gem have more recently been found in Sri Lanka, Wet Africa and Brazil. There are a variety of different colour versions of the gem, but the most are and valuable ones are the stones with the biggest contrast between the two hues. 

Worn best with… 

If you’re lucky enough to have some beautifully bold alexandrite jewellery, we’d recommend treating it as the ultimate statement piece! Let it do its amazing colour changing against a sophisticated neutral background.
Of course, you’ll also need to consider co-ordinating your outfit with both shades of the gem, depending on what light you’re likely to be in. 

Famous alexandrite… 

According to gemstone mythology, when the first alexandrite gem was discovered by a Finnish mineralogist named Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöl, he originally identified it as an emerald. Presumably he was rather confused that evening when it appeared to have morphed into a ruby!

More inspiration… 

Alexandrite may be rather hard to get hold of… but if you’d like to emulate the look, we’ve got some gorgeous suggestions. The jewellery curated below all features gem stones in beautifully rich tones that look great whatever the lighting situation.
Medium Ball Studs with Sapphire Gem Beads | Cubed Labradorite Earrings | Green Tourmaline and Silver Tension Ring 

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