Gemstone of the Month: Amazonite

November 09, 2016 Allison Bray

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Amazonite is a variety of feldspar that occurs in a beautifully unique shade of turquoise green. It’s name comes from an association with the Amazon river, as similar green stones have been found there at various points in history. However, modern minds now doubt that any of those stones were actually amazonite!

There are various schools of thought that associate amazonite with courage and truth. Some people believe that the stone can act as a talisman to help you discover your inner truth and move beyond the fear of being judged for it. Doesn’t that sound nice?!

Talking of courage, amazonite is said to have heavily featured in the decorative shields used by the Amazonians. If you’re not familiar with this infamous group, they were a scary tribe of female warriors. And if this gem was good enough for them…

Worn best with… 

Don’t have your shield handy? Not to worry. We think amazonite looks particularly luminous when worn with silver jewellery. 

Best suited to… 

Amazonite is a versatile stone that is perfect for a wide range of events. We think it looks striking in every day costume jewellery… but it’s also more than special enough to be used in formal pieces.

Famous Amazonites… 

Amazonite is one of the gemstones used to create King Tutankhamen’s iconic mask. There were also a selection of other amazonite pieces found in his tomb.

Tablets of amazonite have been found with the Egyptian ‘Book of the Dead’ engraved on them.

More inspiration…

Amanda Coleman Kissing Bunnies Bangle | Cornerstone Creations Fanfare Ring with Silver and Amazonite

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