Gemstone of the Month: Boulder Turquoise

May 09, 2018 Allison Bray

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Boulder Turquoise, sometimes also known as Ribbon Turquoise, is ideal for those of you who like your colourful gems to have a touch of the rugged about them. 
Instead of more conventionally cut turquoise nuggets, boulder turquoise is cut across the grain to include the host stone as well as the gem. This means that the finished stone features a rich sandy brown stone with ribbons of gorgeously vivid turquoise through it. 
Many natural gemstone enthusiasts love this look as it is essentially a polished version of how precious stones appear naturally in the mines. When boulder turquoise is used in jewellery, it creates a beautifully bold statement look.

Worn best with… 

Boulder turquoise is a far less formal cut than traditional turquoise nuggets. We think the richness of the polished stone works well with both gold and silver toned metals. 
For best results, wear your boulder jewellery on a background of over warm-toned hues and be prepared to let it take centre stage in your outfit. It works particularly well with more casual and smart/casual ensembles, and is the perfect addition to boho inspired outfits. We think it looks particularly gorgeous on a background of cream or beige. 

Famous Boulder Turquoise… 

This cut of turquoise is becoming more and more popular. Currently, most boulder turquoise originates from the famous Royston and Pilot Mountain Mines in Nevada, USA. This is a true desert rock with authentic cowboy roots! 

More inspiration… 

If you love the look of boulder turquoise, we think you’ll be delighted by this Boulder Turquoise and Silver Bangle by Brave. It features four pieces of boulder turquoise and is a true statement piece. 



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