Gemstone of the Month: Fluorite

June 07, 2017 Allison Bray

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Fluorite is a mineral commonly used in jewellery. Its popular thanks to its wide colour palette, attractive light reflecting properties and natural colour spectrum effect. Common fluorites include black fluorite, blue fluorite, green fluorite, magenta fluorite, rainbow fluorite, pink fluorite, purple fluorite and yellow fluorite. Blue John is also a form of fluorite. 

The name ‘fluorite’ comes from the Latin verb fluere, which means to flow. It has been in use both for jewellery and decorative purposes and in industry for more than five hundred years. The earliest academic reference to the mineral is from 1530 when it was mentioned in a book about metals and minerals. 

As a gemstone, fluorite is believed to promote spiritual wholeness and to help the wearer to meditate. In other words, we reckon fluorite jewellery would be an excellent thing to wear for your next yoga retreat!

Worn best with… 

The great thing about fluorite is that it comes in such a delicious range of colours. The natural colour spectrum effect found in most fluorite gems sits beautifully with silver.

Best suited to… 

We think fluorite gems are delightfully quirky! Thanks to the colour spectrum effect found in each mineral, no two gems are ever the same. They lend themselves wonderfully to casual jewellery, but can also make excellent statement pieces. 

Famous fluorites… 

Fluorites can occur in all sorts of shapes. In rare cases they can grow as octahedrons. An octahedron is a shape with eight faces, twelve edges and six vertices! These are highly prized by mineral collectors and can fetch large sums when sold. 

More inspiration… 

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