Gemstone of the Month: Moonstone

September 05, 2018 Allison Bray

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Once upon a time, people used to believe that wearing moonstone gave you the power to predict the future. To be honest, we can see why people believed this particular gem had magical powers! Though moonstones do occur in a whole range of colours, most commonly they have a gorgeous milky blue surface with an ethereal rainbow shimmer. 
According to myth, if you put a moonstone in your mouth at full moon, the moon’s gravitational pull will bring out the energy from the stone and reveal the future to you. Though we most certainly can’t make any promises on this (and definitely wouldn’t advise putting any kind of gem in your mouth!) we do love the wonderfully other-worldly feel of moonstones. 
Of course, we’re far from alone in this opinion! Moonstone gems have been worn as jewellery for thousands of years. Both the ancient Romans and the ancient Greeks used the gem frequently, partly as it was associated with their moon gods. 
Today it’s found in array of gorgeous jewellery. Moonstone cocktail rings are particularly popular. 

Worn best with… 

We think white and blue moonstones look best set in silver toned metals. This is because we love the look of the ethereal moonstone against cool silver tones. 

Famous moonstones… 

In more modern times, moonstone experienced something of a heyday during the Art Nouveau period. René Lalique, who was one of the great French jewellers of the time, created many stunning pieces using moonstone. Lalique’s work includes this stunning dragonfly corsage pin

More inspiration… 

Midas Ring Rainbow Moonstone | Jubilee Ring

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