Gemstone of the Month: Peridot

August 03, 2016 Allison Bray

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There are few things as vividly olive-green as peridots! These unusual gemstones are particularly special as they are the sole gem in the world to occur in just one colour.
Not quite cool enough for you yet? Just you wait… two of the most common places for peridots to be found are in lava and meteorites! 
The quirkiness of the peridot gem has been appreciated throughout the centuries. The Ancient Egyptians frequently used it in jewellery, as did the Romans. In fact, the Romans were so impressed by the gorgeous shine of this gem and it’s impressive ability not to dull in artificial light that they nicknamed it the ‘emerald of the evening’. 
The Romans’ love of peridots didn’t stop there. The luminosity of the gem made many believe that it had the power to ward off bad spirits. The best way to gain protection, apparently, was to string the gems on donkey hair and tie them around your left arm. 

Worn best with… 

We love the subtle hint of gold that’s found in most shades of peridot. One of the best ways to play this up is to wear it against a gold setting. Saying that, we also love the crisp modern look of peridot set in silver… Can we just choose both?!

Best suited to… 

Why not make like the Romans and wear peridot for occasions where you know you’ll be lit mainly be artificial light? (Don’t worry: we weren’t going to suggest you try the donkey hair thing!) Peridot’s ability to look fantastic even under lighting that’s generally considered to be unflattering really is pretty impressive.
As a lesser known gem, peridot is the perfect addition to any quirky outfit or occasion. We like to think of them being worn to beach weddings, upmarket art exhibitions, offbeat birthday parties and boho dinner parties.

Famous Peridots… 

The largest cut peridot ever found weighs in at over 311 carats. It was discovered on the Egyptian island of Zagbargad and is now based at the Smithsonian Museum in the USA.
Some of the most famous peridots in the world have actually been masquerading as emeralds for centuries! The beautiful green gems that adorn the shrine of the Three Holy Kings at Cologne Cathedral in Germany were thought to be emeralds for hundreds of years but have now been found to be peridots.

More inspiration… 

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