Gemstone of the Month: Rose Quartz

May 02, 2017 Allison Bray

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Rose-quartz is a much loved gemstone that comes in the most beautifully delicate shade of pink. Think tutus, pearls and bunny rabbit noses and you’ll be on the right track! Perhaps unsurprisingly due to its colour, rose quartz is also known as the heart stone. It is often considered a love symbol and is believed to have been given as a token of affection as early as 600BC. 
This pretty gem has also long been associated with beauty. Facial masks made of rose-quartz have been recovered from Egyptian tombs as both the Egyptians and the Romans believed that this gem could clear the complexion and prevent wrinkles. 
Though we don’t recommend crushing up your precious jewellery to make face masks(!) we can certainly get behind the idea that wearing rose-quartz will improve your outfit. After all, how could such a precious colour not make you smile?!

Worn best with… 

We think rose-quartz looks at its best with subtle tones. Silvers, greys, pale blues and lilacs all work well in terms of bringing out the gem’s perfect pinkness without overpowering it. 

Best suited to… 

Rose-quartz is a pretty gemstone perfect for a whole host of occasions. We love it as a delicate everyday stone, but we also think it’s easy to dress up for a more formal occasion. In short: rose-quartz is an excellent all rounder!

Famous rose-quartzes… 

La Madonna Rosa is one of the largest specimens of rose-quartz ever found. It was discovered by Brazilian miners in the 1950s and is said to resemble traditional depictions of the Virgin Mary - hence its name. It is 15.5 inches tall.

More inspiration… 

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