How to Build a Capsule Jewellery Collection

May 24, 2017 Allison Bray

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Capsule wardrobes have massively gained in popularity over recent years. The capsule concept is that less is more and everything in your wardrobe should be a classic piece that works well with everything else. 
So what if we were to extend this philosophy to our jewellery box?
Picture a jewellery collection that is made up of high quality pieces, beautifully organised. Each item would be versatile and comfortable to wear, and they’d all sit perfectly with each other. 
Sound like a style concept you could get behind?! Here’s how to start building your own capsule jewellery collection.

Consider your wearing habits

Jewellery is a very personal thing. Different people wear their collections in different ways. If you’re not typically a bracelet person, you probably don’t need to include bracelets in your capsule collection. Ditto brooches, cocktail rings or chandelier style earrings. 
Your capsule should be mainly made up of the types of item you wear most often. For one person this might be statement necklaces and stud earrings, for another it might be delicate pendants and bangles. 

Consider versatility

We love big quirky jewellery, but if you want to make a truly versatile capsule wardrobe you may wish to think twice about including too many ‘one off’ pieces. Ideal capsule-friendly pieces of jewellery can be worn anywhere with anything and still look gorgeously appropriate. 

Consider metal type

Depending on how you feel about metal mixing, you may wish to choose a jewellery capsule that is made up of one metal type. For example, if you like to keep your metal consistent and mainly wear silver jewellery, it might make sense to restrict your capsule to silver, platinum or white gold pieces. 

Consider comfort

Any piece of jewellery that gains a place in your capsule should be perfectly wearable: and this includes comfort-wise. Choose jewellery that fits well, doesn’t nip or pull, and isn’t too heavy. 
Ready to get started? We think contemporary jewellery designer Katharine Yelland has some wonderfully capsule worthy pieces.

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