How to Care for Delicate Jewellery in the Summer

July 18, 2018 Allison Bray

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The summer months are an excellent time to show off your jewellery. Not only will your jewellery not be hidden by layers of extra clothing, it’s also likely to look it’s best in the bright summer sunlight.
Unfortunately, not everything about summer is jewellery-friendly. Some summer activities can damage or discolour jewellery, so we suggest taking a few extra steps to keep your precious sparklers in the best possible condition.

Leave your jewellery at home when you head to the beach

The beach is not a great destination for delicate jewellery. Firstly, this is because pieces can easily get lost in the sand or in the sea. Sand and salt in the air can also damage and dull your gems.

Take jewellery off to swim

Both saltwater and chlorine are bad news for jewellery. Chlorine in particular can be corrosive to precious metals and to some gems. Rings in particular can be vulnerable while swimming, as they often come loose in cold water!

Watch our for suncream

Though it’s very important to wear suncream to protect your skin from the sun, it doesn’t do quite the same job for jewellery! Suncream and after sun moisturisers can stick to jewellery. Make sure you wipe pieces down with a dedicated polishing cloth to keep them clean.

Store jewellery out of the sun when it’s not being worn

Though direct sunlight and heat shouldn’t be a problem for jewellery in small doses, it makes sense to store your jewellery somewhere dark and cool. Gemstones can fade if kept in the sunlight for too long, and there’s a possibility that metals can warp. 
Now we’ve talked about keeping your jewellery safe in the summer, why not hop over and take a look at these gorgeously seasonal pieces?

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