How to Let Old Jewellery Go

September 26, 2017 Allison Bray

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We’re the first to put our hands up and admit that minimalism can be a difficult concept to grasp for jewellery lovers. Though the idea of a streamlined accessories cabinet with just a handful of well curated, high quality pieces can be appealing… the reality of having to downsize our current jewellery collection is a deal breaker for us!
That said, we do believe it’s important to occasionally sort through your jewellery collection and let go of any pieces that aren’t speaking to you anymore. 
Not only can this make it easier to get your hands on the pieces that are speaking to you, it can also help you to better define your own personal style, and (most importantly, of course!) make space for new pieces!
Do you find it tricky to say goodbye to old jewellery? We hear you. Here are our thoughts on how to make jewellery farewells easier to stomach.

Gift old jewellery

Sometimes it’s difficult to get rid of jewellery that’s perfectly lovely but not your style. You might find this process easier if you make an effort to gift these pieces to someone who’ll really appreciate them. Passing pieces on to friends and family members is a great way to do this. Any particularly hard-to-place pieces could be given to children to be used in dressing up boxes or art projects. 

Donate old jewellery

Any jewellery that is currently going unworn and taking up space in your jewellery box could be put to better use. Your local charity shops could sell these pieces in order to raise funds for important causes. Alternatively, many charities have special jewellery appeals. The Alzheimer’s Society are currently collecting old jewellery, including broken or odd pieces.

Sell old jewellery

Getting rid of unworn jewellery can make you feel guilty if the jewellery was expensive. If this is the case, reselling jewellery could help you assuage this unease a bit… and give you some pocket money to spend on pieces that are more your thing! 
Want more ideas for what to do with unloved jewellery? Read our post on how to upcycle your bling.

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