How to Match Your Necklace Type to Your Neckline

August 15, 2017 Allison Bray

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Jewellery is a vital tool in any style icon’s wardrobe. The right pieces can make an average outfit spectacular. We think the key to choosing the ideal jewellery to go with your outfit is to pay attention to the details. 
When it comes to finding the ideal necklace, the first thing you should consider is the type of neckline you are wearing. Whatever else is going on with your look, generally your neckline is the factor that will have the most impact on how well your chosen necklace will work.
Need a helping hand here? 

If you’re wearing a top with a collar…

…wear a short pendant or choker. Generally speaking, the simpler the better here; more intricate necklaces can look too busy when paired with a collar and buttons.

If you’re wearing a low neckline… 

…wear a necklace with a shorter scoop. We’d recommend choosing a necklace or pendant that sits neatly inside your neckline. 

If you’re wearing a crew cut top…

…wear a statement necklace. Higher necklines such as crew cut and boat cut work well as a backdrop for bold neckwear.

If you’re wearing a polo neck top…

…wear a longer necklace. Polo neck tops usually look really flattering with the addition of a long pendant or even a long string of beads. 

If you’re wearing a v-neck top…

…choose a narrow necklace. This works really well if you choose a necklace that fits snugly into the ‘V’. 

If you’re wearing a strapless or off the shoulder top…

…wear a choker. Depending on your personal style, this can be an excellent opportunity to choose a choker with volume. Not only will it give your outfit an excellent focal point, this can also help to fill the ‘empty’ space created by strapless styles. 
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