How to Upcycle Your Bling

January 25, 2017 Allison Bray

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Upcycling: the process of updating or reusing unused items to create something new.
Got some unloved jewellery languishing at the bottom of your jewellery box? Upcycling it could be a great way to breathe new life into old bling.
Want to give this a go? Why not consider:

Layering it

The simplest way to reimagine a piece of jewellery is to wear it in tandem with something new. Necklaces, bangles and rings all lend themselves well to layering. For best results, pick pieces with a common thread to wear together: either items in the same metal tone or in the same style. 

Wearing it in a different way

Sometimes jewellery can feel tired simply because we always wear it in the same way. Mixing things up can often give pieces a really fresh new feel. Need inspiration? Try splitting up jewellery sets and wearing them separately, pairing formal jewels with more casual outfits, wearing rings on a chain rather than your finger, or pinning brooches to a bag or hat. 

Replacing the Chain

If your piece of jewellery is a pendant, you could think about replacing the chain. This is a simple fix, but choosing a chain in a different colour, style, thickness or length will make the necklace look totally new.

Gifting it

Sometimes jewellery can look completely different on a new person. If you have a special piece that just doesn’t work for you: why not give it to someone else as a gift? Whatever it is, we bet you have a friend who would look gorgeous in it. 

Talking to a jeweller

A good jeweller will be able to make adjustments to your jewellery to bring it back to life. You could have a chain lengthened or shortened, a ring or bangle resized, or you could think about adding extra gems or even reworking the piece entirely.
On the hunt for more inspiration? Here’s some advice from us on how to layer necklaces.

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