How to Wear Glittery Jewellery

November 23, 2016 Allison Bray

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You probably won’t be surprised to read that we love glitter. After all, what kind of jewellery lovers would we be if we didn’t embrace all things sparkly?! 
Having said that, glittery jewellery isn’t always easy to wear. Done right, it can look strikingly sophisticated… but done wrong it can make you look like you got lost on the way to a Barbie doll convention. 
Want to wear glitter and get it right? Here’s some advice from us on how to sparkle!

Choose your hue carefully

Not all glitter is created equally. Some colours will almost always look twee, while others are much more glam. Our advice is to choose metal tones such as gold, silver, bronze or rose gold. If you want to be a bit more adventurous, jewel tones such as emerald green and sapphire blue can work well too. 

Be sparing with the sparkles

Stylish ladies wear their glitter sparingly! If you’re donning something super-sparkly, make sure you’re allowing it to be the statement piece of your outfit. Too much glitter can result in overkill very quickly.

Stick to simple shapes

If you want to keep your glittery jewellery looking glam and sophisticated, you may want to ensure you pick pieces with simple lines. Novelty shapes such as hearts can be really fun… but adding glitter can sometimes make them feel a bit childish.

Pair it with quality metals and gems

The best way to ensure your glittery jewellery falls on the right side of the style spectrum is to choose high quality pieces. We think glitter looks best when paired with luxurious metals and beautiful precious stones.

Have fun with it!

Sometimes, of course, all style rules go out of the window when you see a piece of jewellery you just love. Please feel free to ignore ALL our suggestions if you come across something glittery that makes you smile. After all, we’re coming up to festive season and we see sparkly novelty jewellery in our future!
How do you wear your glitter? We’d love to hear your sparkly tips too!
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