Jewellery Inspiration From Björk

February 14, 2018 Allison Bray

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Björk is an iconic singer-songwriter with a reputation for off-the-wall style. Born in Iceland in 1965, Björk first made it big in the music industry in the 1980s as the lead singer of The Sugarcubes. She went solo in the early nineties, and since then has sold between twenty and forty million records worldwide.
Thanks to her offbeat style, Björk is probably just as well known for her outfit choices as for her music career. After all, who could forget the swan dress she wore to the 2001 Oscar’s ceremony?! Vogue has described Björk’s style as a ‘colorful, surreal mishmash of style combinations’, and we think that sums it up pretty nicely!
Björk brings the same delightful eclectic mix of styles and genres to her outfits as she does to her music. We love the way she picks and chooses from different influences to create a look that is very much her own. Think Japanese-inspired elements paired with rave wear and structural shapes… and you’re about halfway there.
If you want to give a sartorial nod to Björk with your jewellery choices, you’re going to need to think outside the box. Asymmetrical statement pieces would be a good start, as would anything in a bold colour. 
If Björk were to stop by our York jewellery shop, we think she’d be drawn to our selection of Cornerstone Collections jewellery. Their unique, quirky jewellery is designed with bold gems and unusual shapes, though remains completely wearable. 
On the hunt for more Björk-worthy pieces? Try this Silver and Diamond Twig Ring, these Tree Dome Earrings, this Cubed Coral Necklace with Silver, this Waltzer Bracelet, this Verso Gold Pendant, these Purple and Green Agate Medley Earrings or this Silver Stag Pendant

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