Jewellery Inspiration from… Mindy Kaling

August 24, 2016 Allison Bray

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We’re big fans of Mindy Kaling. But then, who wouldn’t be? After all she’s a brilliantly successful actress, comedian and author… not to mention a top jewellery wearer. 

Kaling first caught our attention on the American version of The Office, then went on to create, write, produce and star in the eponymous The Mindy Project. In between all of this, Kaling has somehow also found the time to write two bestselling books: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) in 2011 and Why Not Me? in 2015. 

The best thing about Kaling’s style is that both she and her on-screen alter ego Dr Mindy Lahiri have a penchant for bold fashion choices. She veers towards bold colours, big statements and kitsch touches. What’s not to love?! Sign us up for a style lesson, please!

Want to emulate Ms Kaling’s jewellery style? We reckon the best place to start is with the earrings. Take a look at Kaling’s outfit for any award ceremony, party or big Hollywood event and you’ll no doubt find her sporting some statement earrings. Think dangly, sparkly and big, and you’ll be well on track!

If Mindy Kaling was to visit our York designer jewellery shop, we’d be sure to show her our fabulous Tara Kirkpatrick collection. We think she’d love what this designer has to offer in terms of statement earrings that perfectly walk the line between the quirky and the sophisticated.

Looking for some Kaling-esque inspiration? Take a look at the Claudia Bradby Silver Battered Heart Earrings, the Golden Hare Earrings, the Amber Silver Disc Earrings, the Double Drop Earrings, the Fuchsia Small Drop Earrings, the Eclipse Silver Oxidised Earrings, the Gold Midas Drop Earrings and the Large Silver Droplet Earrings.

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